Zombie Walker
Braaaaaains!!! A challenging puzzle game for Zombie lovers.
Play as the zombie, on the quest to get the brain jar. Infect other humans along the way, but beware of mis-steps. There is only 1 way to get all 3 stars - how good are you?
Underground Escape
Escape the underground! Escape deep into the bowels of earth, while rescuing trapped prisoners.
Beware! The giant drill comes from above, threatening to hurt Bob. Don't let that happen! Use Bob's excellent mining skills to break the rocks beneath him.
Kitten Bounce
Blast the kitten towards the milk, collect the yarn along the way.
Kitten needs milk! Navigate your way from cannon to cannon, collecting balls of yarn along the way. Aim correctly, and blast the kitten!
Whats My Brand
Guess the famous brands.
How well do you recognize brands around the world? Guess over 70+ brands, from the famous everyday brands, to obscure ones.
Emoji Quiz
How well do you know your Emojis? Guess them all!
Fun emoji trivia word game for your phone. Test how much you know about emojis and emoticons. Over 100 challenging levels - can you beat them all?
Feed That Thing
A hungry critter has appeared on your apple fields.
A hungry critter has appeared on your apple fields. Feed that thing by creating a path of apples for it to follow to the end of every level.
Cheese Lab
Collect the cheese in all twenty levels to beat the game.
You'd think life in a cheese lab would be a dream come true for a mouse, but top-of-the-line cheese comes with high-tech dangers. Run through the laboratory looking for cheese to collect and eat.
Goblin Flying Machine
When you and your goblin girlfriend are out having a picnic in the sun, you are suddenly attacked from above.
Not about to let the enemies ruin your picnic, you get out your wings, bomber hat and a giant sling shot. Get in the sling shot and zoom up to the enemy airships. Bounce on each one to deflate it and earn coins with each ship you smash.
Star Bits and Meteorites
Meteorites are raining and destroying the stars on their way down.
Get the star bits and avoid the meteorites in this fast paced arcade action game with infinite gameplay.
Block Puzzle
Move the blocks around in over 80 difficult levels.
Align each block to solve the puzzle, but beware, you only have a few moves before you must start again!
1945 Kai
Never-ending shoot’em up with increasing difficulties. Your goal is to survive as long as possible!
Touch to move your plane and it will shoot automatically. You may also pause the game at any time by clicking the pause button at bottom-right-hand corner.
Black N' White
Black N’ White is a strategy.
The goal is to surround your rival.